Diary Booklet – Deutsche Schule Budapest

Having spent the last two years with working together, getting to know new cultures and perspectives, travelling and making strong bonds with other young people from all around Europe, we can agree that it is hard to summarize this project in brief 40 pages. However, despite the fact that everyone had different experiences and memories, we at the Deutsche Schule Budapest tried to capture the last 2 years of Project Made in Europe in a form, which might be a good pledge to most of us. Every participant contributed to the booklet with pictures, stories, diary entries, artworks and essays with personal opinions concerning topics discussed throughout our project, for which we are really thankful!

If you want to see the online, pdf version of the booklet, click here:

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Nora Petra Younis

Munich Travel Video by Maximilian Prokopp – Deutsche Schule Budapest

This short film takes everyone on a journey to relive or join the memorable week some of us spent in the lovely city of Munich.
“During the editing of the video I had a really nostalgic feeling – the exchange was amazing! I hope plenty of you will have the same feeling while watching the video.” Max Prokopp

See the video on the link below: